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I AM WEALTH – The Secrets of Divine Abundance is a program I have been working on for a long time. It was created when I finally decided that having plenty of money was actually a desirable reality to attain. It may seem obvious that money is valuable, but from a long spiritual tradition of simplicity and renunciation there was a very powerful subconscious blockage towards money. Having created and refined this program over the last year and make significant shifts in my own inner and outer situation I know how to come out of these blocks and I am very happy with the program. I know I am not alone in these inner blockages.

Probably the most interesting thing I discovered was that I have vows of poverty from previous lives that were at the core of my own blocks. Until recently I hated receiving money, touching money, looking at bank balances or having anything to do with it. This is hardly surprising for someone who has made vows to remain free of money.

Now, thanks to I am wealth and various people and books that have helped, I am free of this sabotaging inner blockage. I’m sure it was helpful in whatever life I made the vow, but it’s of now use now!

I AM WEALTH, has just recently been updated to the 3rd Edition. It now includes a vision board and helps to ground WHY wealth is useful and what you are going to do with it. If you have no idea WHY wealth is useful and valuable and just want some arbitrary figure of say, a million dollars, then what does that mean?

What are you going to do with it? Why a million? What has that got to do with anything? We need to understand what we actually do with out lives. What do you want to experience? Where do you want to go? What project do you want to do? What stuff do you want to have?

If you can’t answer this, you will just waste your money on pointless nonsense and end up feeling sick! Happiness comes from following our purpose, not by just getting a truck load of cash or randomly travelling.

Once you know WHY you want money, then you can be genuinely inspired to shift whatever is inside that will get in the way and begin to align yourself to your abundance.

Abundance is an important part of true spirituality. The consequence of a high state of consciousness is wealth, and a consequence of inner weakness is poverty. Why not feel completely free, happy and abundant in your heart and also live surrounded by beauty and have all the facilities of comfort that are available? Why not have both?

I will be adding posts about the details of wealth manifestation and free tools and gifts. If you are interested in trying the I AM WEALTH program, then check it out here

Doing this program has allowed me to manifest more money than I ever before in my life and even though the economy has apparently collapsed, there seems to be more doors for abundance open wide than ever before… very interesting.

Our inside and outside world are the same.


Today, I Acknowledge I Am An Eternal Being Of Infinite Divine Light.

I am an embodiment of endless love, peace, purity, power and bliss.

Originally and eternally, I am safe, I am secure and I am complete.
Being the light that I am, I need nothing, I have already attained everything, and I am free.

I recognize that through time and influences, I came to believe in distorted perceptions about my identity and the world I perceived around me. I limited my abundance by believing I was just a mortal being, surviving in an external world of lack, limitations, man-made laws and human possibilities.
I now acknowledge that I am a powerful, immortal, spiritual being and that the world I perceive is simply a mirror of my own inner state of consciousness.

I accept the power within me to change my attitude and vision and therefore manifest a new reality around me. I am never a victim. I am the creator and artist of my life and my world. I am extremely powerful infinite consciousness and I exist before and after death.

Right now… I am completely open to receive inner and outer abundance as my divine birthright.
As of today, I am fully released from any past blockages and fears around money. I am now happy, willing and grateful to enjoy the abundance that is my divine inheritance.

I accept that physical wealth is a part of spirituality and I wholeheartedly welcome money and wealth to flow fully into my life now in ALL its wonderful forms.

I deeply appreciate having this abundance of pure money and give thanks for money in my life. Money and wealth are healthy, natural and good and there is always more than enough for everyone.

I now reconnect my awareness to the unlimited light I am, and draw upon the Ultimate Source of All Abundance, the constant Ocean of Love, the Unlimited Supply of pure light and infinite wealth. As I breathe now, I am deeply nourished by this radiant light and love and I re-experience my own eternal wealth and prosperity as an eternal child of God, the Ocean of Limitless Wealth and constant bliss.

From today, anything I now think and feel becomes manifest. Eternally, I am safe, I am secure, and I am complete.

Thank you.

Truly, I have attained everything, right here, right now and forever more.
‘Money is forever flowing in my life and there is always divine surplus.’

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

©2009 Michael Mackintosh


This statement comes from the ‘I AM WEALTH’ 40 day manifestation program.
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  1. Gregory Mack says:

    I truly enjoy what you are doing M. It’s hard to believe that I had to leave my home town through the use of the internet to find people that listen to the beliefs I was born with and that my family tried so hard to change.
    I do not know where these thoughts that are so strong in my mind came from. All I know is they are there and stronger than any belief that anyone else tries to smother them with.
    M, you and your friends have sent me on many new paths these last few months and every path has lead me to a new highway of thought.
    Here is a toast to you, M. Create a beautiful Day

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