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Have you ever felt things in your life were not quite right?  Have you ever wanted to change something but did not know how?  Have you ever decided ‘enough is enough’ and willed the power to make the changes you need to make, but it just didn’t work out?

There is a shift happening right now and you are not alone.
Now is the time to claim back your power and change your life where it counts.  The question is: Are you ready to accept responsibility for your own life?

I imagine you are ready, and this is why you have manifested this article today. So, what is the most effective way to change your destiny and the details of your life? Personal transformation is a deep and profound science of consciousness that has captivated the minds of great philosophers and sages throughout time, but it is not reserved only for them. The secrets of conscious reality creation can be learned and mastered by anyone who is willing to realize their own power, change things where they matter most and stop wasting their time on distractions.

The truth is this: you are already a creator. You already have manifested the world you perceive around you now. As consciousness, you are a creator of vibrations, thoughts, feelings, images, attitudes, beliefs, ideas and perceptions. Look around you…that is YOUR creation – that is your personal world and no one else will ever experience your world.

Your world is NOT a coincidence or an accidental happening that you are victim of!

It is your own personal creation based upon your level of consciousness and, more specifically, the prevailing thoughts, feelings, attitudes you hold within you throughout the day.

The manifested world, your life, is a perfect reflection of your values, whether conditioned or innate. What are your values? Your values are simply what you value – what you consider important, precious and hold dear to your heart. Some value money, some value time, some value being in charge, some value being free of responsibility. What are your values?

Looking around my own life right now, I see direct evidence of how what I value within me has manifested in the ‘outside world’. Firstly, my eyes are drawn to a brand new top-of-the-line macbook pro laptop which arrived yesterday and I am using it to write this now. This computer signifies my love of quality technology and not settling for less than the best when it comes to the tools I use. Next, I notice the time. It’s dark, it’s early in the morning and I have spent the early hours when most people are asleep mediating and writing – a reflection of my sincere love of silence, contemplation, the experience of Divine peace and Grace. For me, waking early is a sign that I value the linage of yogis who would always awaken for this special time to meditate and enjoy ‘amrit vela’ – the early morning hours of nectar. I deeply value this time and, therefore, adjust my life so I am able to waken at this hour fresh and alert.

And where am I physically? The world I see is like a fairy garden, a beautiful flower-filled place with views of mountains and the ocean. I am living in Kauai, considered the Garden Island of the Hawaiian islands and known as the most spiritual island in Hawaii, the crown chakra of Hawaii. So, what does it mean that I live on this island, in the most beautiful and lush part of the island? It is a sign of my love of nature, of purity and beauty. For someone else it signify that they have made enough money to retire in Hawaii as each one’s reality is their own and for others here, they may have been born here and yet do not actually ‘see’ the beauty, being to preoccupied with other interests and desires for travel.

Remember, the world is only based on perception, so no two people can ‘see’ the same thing. Even in adverse poverty, a sage may perceive beauty and wonder from an inner state of freedom and peace, where as someone who was born and raised in Hawaii may experience a life of depression and complaints, despite being confronted with beauty every day.

Look around you and see your own creations. Your own list of manifestations could go on and on to include all details of life, food, relationships, cash flow, clothes, health etc.

All of these are direct mirrors of the beliefs and attitudes based upon our prevailing level of consciousness. Nothing is random or just lingering unawares. Every aspect is significant and considered.

So, what does this mean for you as a creator of your own life?

It means it’s time to FULLY accept your own power! Claim back your life and don’t play a victim any more! You are the only one to blame for everything that is happening and has happened. Release complaints and victim consciousness and become fully present with your own creations.

If you are ready to make real shifts in your life then focus upon examining your beliefs and attitudes. What do you believe about yourself and your life? Study your creation and see what you can learn about yourself and where you need to change. Realize your own power, and from that state of strength you will begin to see the changes occur as a result.

We have to realize deeply that everything manifested today was first created with the stuff that dreams are made of, subtle energy in the form of ideas, feelings, visions, attitudes. All of this is as real if not more real than the shadow it casts.

Practical things to do now if you are ready to change:
Focus upon the reality, not it’s shadow. Change the form of that invisible world and you will see magic. Your life is in your hands alone, so know who you are and what you need to do. Release the idea that anyone except you is in control of our life and enjoy yourself as the artist and creator of your destiny.

Spend the last 5 minutes of the day and the first 10 minutes of the day visualizing and experiencing what you actually want. Do this for FUN. Do it for the joy of it without expectation and make sure you FEEL fulfilled and happy. Experience details, colors, scents, textures and sounds. Make it as real as you can and enjoy yourself.

Do this every day and you will see wonders happen – but remember to continue to do it, and do it for fun. The reason it does not work is because people have high expectations of the outcome and then give up before it manifests.

Don’t give up and lose hope. Do it for fun, for the sheer joy of it, as you have fond memories and daydreams, and you will witness transformations. You are the world you see, so choose to see the world in a way that brings you joy.



  1. Excellent and extremely motivational article. I hope I can inspire my children into believing that they hold the keys which open the doors and create their perfect realities. Thank you so much and enjoy your Hawaiian paradise, hope to join you soon : )

  2. Pargash says:

    Great article with lots of wisdom very succinctly elucidated. I realise that I have allowed distractions to get in my way and have not been consistently focusing on my desires. This article has inspired me to make changes in the right direction and be persistent. Thanks a lot, Mike and I am so pleased that you are living in magic, the magic you created.
    All my love

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